9" Camelback Straight Edge Casting

Rough casting for a 9" Camelback Straight Edge

Dovetail Straight Edges are widely used for checking the alignment and scraping in flat and dovetail surfaces of machine tool ways and slides. These casting are made from close-grained grey iron and have been heat treated to relive stress.  This is for a rough casting, which the buyer can then machine and scrape into a useful tool.  The dovetail face is at 45 degrees to the bottom face, but can be machined to other angles if desired.

Length: 9"
Bottom Face Width:  2-1/2"
Total Height: 3-1/2"

Shipping:  During checkout, select MEDIUM FLAT RATE box if ordering 1 to 3 9" Straight Edges.  Select LARGE FLAT RATE BOX if ordering 3 to 6 castings.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS:  We have recentely been made aware that our store software is not able to properly calculate shipping on orders outside of the United States.  If you are an international customer, please send us a note by using the Contact Us link above and we will get you a shipping quote.  Please be sure to include how many items you wish to order as well as your shipping address.  We will get back to you via email with a quote and can invoice you directly via PayPal to get your order in.  Sorry for this inconvenience.

**This product is a ROUGH CASTING - the buyer must machine and scrape this item to a finished product!

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